Recycling workshops

Discover Cannes Lérins tutorials step by step

The Cannes Lérins Agglomeration has set up « recycling workshops », entertaining and pursued at home, enabling you to give objects a second lease of life or create other ingenious supports while reducing your consumption of waste and packaging :

Workshop N°1 - Lanterns
Did you think your plastic bottles had to be thrown away? That your cans only lived once? We can prove just the opposite, with worksheet N°1 to download, to create lanterns.
Workshop N°2 - Tawashi sponge
Did you think your old socks had to be thrown out? That your plastic vegetable bag only lived once? We can prove just the opposite: download worksheet N°2 to create household sponges.
Workshop N°3 - Hedgehog paper holder
Have you recently sorted all your stuff and come across old books, read time after time? It’s time to give them a second lease of life, by downloading worksheet N°3 and transforming them into paper holders or amusing, personalized photo displays!
Workshop N°4 - Easter bells
Don’t throw away your coffee pods made of aluminium or plastic! Our latest Recycling workshop is dedicated to them! For Easter festivities, we invite you to transform them into pretty bells specially for the occasion, to be hung separately or as a garland, with worksheet N° 4 to download.
Workshop N°5 - Desk organizer
To get ready easily for going back to school, for some, or the office, for others, learn how to make very practical desk storage based on toilet paper rolls! A new activity, simple and amusing, thanks to worksheet N°5 to download.
Workshop N°6 - Pip planting

A few small glass jars, as many cardboard tubes, pips, and a little patience to produce your own apple-tree plantation. We thus invite you to bring springtime into your home, with worksheet N°6 to download.

Workshop N°7 - Plastic pompons
Some professions still have the right to distribute plastic bags for one-off use, for healthcare reasons. As a result, after doing your shopping, you find yourself with these little bags you’re not sure what to do with. With worksheet N°7 downloaded, we suggest you transform them into superb pompoms with a few snips of your scissors, to make all kinds of decorations.
Workshop N°8 - Cork boats
Take to the sea after downloading worksheet N°8, and using cork stoppers to make little floating boats in just a few minutes. Success guaranteed with your kids!
Workshop N°9 - Starry Christmas garland
Do you have colourful scraps of paper or wrapping paper? What if that were enough to perfect your decor for year-end festivities? Download worksheet N°9 for initiation in origami with this easy essential!
Workshop N°10 - Furoshiki gift wrapping
Are you fed up with cluttering your bin with pretty, brand new paper as soon as gifts have been unwrapped? Download worksheet N°10 and learn all about Furoshiki folding techniques: give new life to colourful old fabrics by turning them into gift wrappings!
Workshop N°11 - Christmas tree made of corks
What if we left the fir trees in the forests this Christmas? It’s possible thanks to worksheet N°11, to be downloaded! Using from a dozen to about 100 corks, this is the chance to create a zero-waste Christmas tree, giving them a second lease of life for many long years!
Workshop N°12 - Crushed chalk "Blanc de Meudon" snow
You want to dress up your windows with the pixies, fir trees and snowflakes that fire your imagination, but the idea of using a disposable aerosol and toxic products in your home is holding you back? By downloading worksheet N°12, you will discover an easy-to-clean, 100% ecological way of making all your stencils!